Wednesday, November 9, 2011

RED Scarlet's X data sheets! Crop factors and more!

RED Scarlet's X data sheets! Crop factors and more!:
Phil Holland posted on RED's forums some nice facts about the RED Scarlet X. He created data sheets which give a lot of useful and handy information on the Scarlet X - especially the crop factors seem to be interesting, but here you have the whole list of data sheets:
  • Graphical crop factor image for each Red standard recording format
  • Recording times in minutes on 64GB and 128GB SSDs for 24fps at 4k with maximum quality compression ratios
  • Max fps for each format with and without HDRx
  • Relative to FF35 crop factor chart with common focal lengths that should be useful for those who purchased the Canon, Nikon, or Leica mounts

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