Thursday, March 24, 2011

Tiger Technology and FilmPartners Deliver a Scalable and Universal Production Workflow for Avid, Apple and Adobe

Tiger Technology and FilmPartners Deliver a Scalable and Universal Production Workflow for Avid, Apple and Adobe: "Editors can now collaborate on universal MXF-based projects and edit-in-place SD, HD and film content using their editing application of choice (Sofia, Bulgaria--March 24, 2011) Tiger Technology, a leading provider of high-performance, cross-platform SAN management software solutions and Netherlands-based FilmPartners of the international Euro Media Group announce a new strategic partnership for delivering a scalable and universal production workflow for Avid MediaComposer©, Apple Final Cut Pro©, Adobe Premiere Pro©."

ProxyMill - the encoder that can encode just about every camera format out there

ProVideo the EDITBLOG on PVC by Scott Simmons

Digital Video Camera Roundup

Digital Video Camera Roundup:

New digital cameras released over the last year have brought exciting changes to the world of cinematography and videography. From ARRI’s Alexa digital cinema camera to large sensor camcorders to the 60D, Canon’s new DSLR, filmmakers and broadcast camera operators have a growing choice for features, television and commercials.


DSC NorthernLights Extends Colour Tests for Digital Cinema

DSC NorthernLights Extends Colour Tests for Digital Cinema: "DSC Labs has designed NorthernLights, a new test target to help optimize image quality in DSC-labs-NorthernLights
digital cinema and HD television, overcoming narrow colour gamut limitations.
Named after the Aurora Borealis light display, NorthernLights provides test elements that function well outside the Rec 709 colour space, which is useful for people working with digital cinema and other high-end camera systems. 'Camera and sensor systems have evolved beyond the level of colour saturation that can be reproduced in typical test charts,' said DSC Labs President, David Corley. “NorthernLights combines a front-lit system with self-illuminated high gamut colours, giving camera users a way to calibrate and test their cameras in colour space beyond conventional front and rear-lit techniques.'

NorthernLights has front-lit 24 DSC-calibrated colour chips for accurate reference and setup to the Rec. 709 standard. It uses an 11-step spectrophotometrically neutral crossed grayscale for gamma adjustment, and horizontal/vertical hyperbolic wedges, or DSC trumpets, to test camera resolution. Upper and lower 18% gray strips check evenness of lighting, both horizontally and vertically, and controls adjust brightness and colour to balance white levels. NorthernLights will be on display at NAB 2011.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

אלרום משיקה לראשונה בישראל תוכנה להפקת כתוביות בתלת מימד

<div style="direction:rtl;text-align:right">אלרום משיקה לראשונה בישראל תוכנה להפקת כתוביות בתלת מימד</div>: "
התוכנה מציגה טכנולוגיה הנחשבת לחידוש בעולם ככלל ובישראל בפרט. עד כה לא נכנסה לשימוש תוכנה להפקה ועריכה של כתוביות בתלת מימד.

Edit Suite Design 2011

Edit Suite Design 2011: "It’s time to revisit an old subject for a new year – configuring a post production suite. Poke through these past articles and you’ll get plenty of ideas about how to build the room and what to put in it. Another great source for inspiration is just to scan through the “Rig of the Day” [...]"

Editing HDSLR footage natively

Editing HDSLR footage natively: "With the wild success of HDSLR cameras from both Canon and Nikon, there is a renewed interest in editing H.264 media natively, using the video files that are transferred directly from the camera into your editing system. H.264 is the video format that these cameras use for capturing their images. Editing natively saves time because you don’t need to transcode your video. And H.264 files are very small, compared to other video file formats."

Friday, March 11, 2011

ICC profile cube from 3D LUT: Alexa EI350

ICC profile cube from 3D LUT: Alexa EI350: "
Steve Shaw at has shown us a way of baking into stand alone QuickTime movies (this includes Alexa captured 4444 ProRes) a 3D LUT that is converted into an ICC Profile.
By doing this we can use Colorsync within Mac OS to apply the converted 3D LUT and burn it into the .mov file.
To do this you do require Intel Mac and QT Pro7 and also the software, called Spaceman, which will do the 3D LUT conversion for you. Once you have converted the LUT into the ICC profile you then load this profile through QT Pro7 and Colorsync and there you will have the burnt in correction for your offline and dailies.

Attached here is an ICC profile for an Alexa EI350 LUT, this 3D LUT has ben converted to an ICC profile and here is the information as a 3D cube.

Pure Digital Services

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thunderbolt Technology in Action

Thunderbolt Technology in Action: "A couple of weeks ago Intel introduced a new technology for I/O use and data back ups. If you missed that information you can read all about it here. Over the past few weeks there has been a lot of buzz regarding this new technology. Thunderbolt’s ability to transfer data at 10Gbs a sec while [...]"