Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ultimate shootout - comparison of six digital/film motion picture cameras!

Ultimate shootout - comparison of six digital/film motion picture cameras!: "
The latest single-sensor digital camcorders allow you to shoot with available light but should you? John Brawley decided to provide an answer so he put together a great practical test utilizing six different cameras in the same setting. The cameras/formats were:
  • Aaton 35-3
  • Arri Alexa
  • Red MX
  • EOS 1DmkIV
  • Sony PMW F3 (was an engineering sample)
  • Aaton XTR PROD (Super 16)
And now check out the test video - six cameras and formats, all shooting the same short film, in the same locations. All available light, with each graded to their unique advantages in post:

Here is what John wrote on the test shoot:
"We made a definite choice to NOT edit them exactly the same way, but to favour each edit to be the best it could be with the available material. This extended to the grade. Instead of trying to match everything to one camera, we simply tried to make each camera look the best it could… Now, as an extra challenge, I’ve only identified the cameras by a letter code. So you’ll watch all 6 sequences and then your challenge is to try to pick which camera is which. After the 6 sequences, I’ve put selected shots from each camera back to back so you can more readily make a direct comparisons. I’ve also then done a 200% blow up on a selected shot, and the theory with this was to try to show how the resolution (or lack of resolution) stands up in a cinema environment".
A really nice test which should really easen your choice if you want to get one of these cameras.
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