Monday, May 23, 2011

Promise announces Thunderbolt-to-FC link

Promise announces Thunderbolt-to-FC link: "

By: d4corp

At NAB yesterday, Promise Technology announced the SANLink Thunderbolt to Fibre Channel adapter. From the press release:

'SANLink will provide a dual 4G Fibre Channel link that can be used to connect to external Fibre Channel storage or to an Xsan network. Each adapter features full duplex FC ports that automatically detect connection speed and can operate independently at 1, 2 or 4Gb/s. SANLink is the perfect companion to connect to the new VTrak x30 Series as well as maintain compatibility with the previous generation VTrak x10 Series.'

Bringing Xsan to laptops is great, but what about having Mac Mini Servers to interface to Xsan Volumes?

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