Sunday, May 22, 2011

Submit After Effects Renders to Backburner

After Effects Script Files
I didn't know that one. Thanks Nir!

On first run it will pull up this dialog. The values that must be changed to reflect your setup are: Path to Backburner: the path where you have installed the Backburner manager. .ie C:\Program Files\backburner
2. Path to aerender.exe: set to your shared AfterEffects\Support Files folder. ie F:\Video\AfterEffects\Support Files Maximum # of Servers: Top limit of potential render machines The other settings are left blank (automatic), but can be set to fill in the UI panel defaults. These will be written to your user prefs file. To submit a job to backburner manager can be as simple as: opening a project. selecting the composition you wish to render. (assuming it has been added to the project render que). clicking Submit to Backburner. This will send off a task based on what it has, adding the needed defaults. It will : name the Job with the selected comp name if blank. set the destination group to the text prefs default. set the Depend on Job Names empty and Max # of rendernodes to all. As well it will pull the: currently active project name. currently selected comp name. currently selected comp frame bounds. You can explore further by working with the Additional AE Parameters section. ex: using the OM and RS templates to override the renderqueue settings, etc. Anything that will render with aerender will work with the backburner manager.

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