Tuesday, May 24, 2011

F3 Scene Files from AbelCine

F3 Scene Files from AbelCine: "

The Sony PMW-F3 has a very nice standard look right out of the camera, but it also has many many ways of adjusting the image to your liking. At AbelCine we have been making scene files for our clients, designed to both match cameras and create a look. With the wide range of adjustments available in the F3′s picture profile control, I was able to make several looks that you might find useful. Some are aimed at maximizing the range of the camera, while others are aimed at creating a specific look. You can download all of the scene files here, and easily upload them to your camera through an SxS card. Here is a brief description of each and what you can expect. Learn how these files were made and how to make your own in our F3 class, which is going on this week in NYC & LA.
Note: All of the stills were grabbed at +6db of gain, so you might notice a little noise in the stills. I changed exposure in each still to adjust for the different gamma modes.

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