Saturday, December 29, 2012

The DIT Dilemma

FORESIGHT. / The DIT Dilemma:
The official role of a DIT is one that continues requiring discussion.  Defining the DIT is hard for anyone to “officially” quantify, though there are rules and regulations that suggest a textbook definition.  But the more one talks to DITs, the more you find they are not “consistent” in their feelings on the job.  This is not normal.  If you ask pilots what they do, they tend to agree on their role.  Same with directors or even script supervisors and DPs.  This suggests that the future is not yet written for DITs, which means they have the unique opportunity to either shape the industry going forward in their favor, or let another entity define what their role is and even make the DIT an unnecessary expense.  Going into 2013, there is significant evidence for both arguments.

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