Tuesday, March 13, 2012

'Journey 2’ Presents Digital Camera Workflow Challenges

‘Journey 2’ Presents Digital Camera Workflow Challenges
Among the challenges the production crew on ‘Journey 2’ faced was defining the electronic
workflows for six different digital camera platforms. VFX Supervisor Boyd Shermis described
some important considerations for the VFX teams.
“The problem for us was that all of the different cameras use different sensors and use or require their own custom colour space conversions or de-bayering to get even marginally close to any of the other cameras in terms of the colour response curve,” Boyd said. “We shot the majority of the movie on Sony F35 or F23 cameras, recording 4:4:4: to HDCam SR. The workflow for these cameras going from 4:4:4 tape to .dpx file format, the industry standard for digital intermediate, has been well established and the resulting colour is pretty much as expected.”

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