Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Final Cut Pro X – Day Two

Final Cut Pro X – Day Two:
So after messing around for a couple more hours this is my conclusion:
  • No support for external monitoring. My BlackMagic card is just sitting around.
  • No plug-ins support (yet)
  • No backward compatibility with older versions of FCP
  • No support for EDL, OMF or XML
  • They dropped makers (WHY?!)
  • No customization of the workspace (or very limited)
  • No or limited import and no output from and to tape, which I kind of understand as it will slowly disappear, but I think it’s too soon.
  • Still a lot of bugs (expected in a 1.0 release)
  • When ‘background’ analyzing media, my 8 core hyperthreading 16GB DDR3 Mac Pro goes really slow.
  • A lot of the standard effect presets are really cheesy and straight out of iMovie or Motion 4.
  • The magnetic timeline works amazing.
  • The new user interface looks fantastic
  • Skimming trough clips works naturally
  • The new events browser really makes it easier to see what a clip contains, thus makes you edit faster.
  • The iMovie way of setting in and out points is really quite nice.
  • Instant previews of effects
  • The new color grading tool is great and easy to use and can do advanced stuff such as masks.
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