Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Pro Media Tools 1.1.1 released - major Video Check improvements, QT Edit bug fixes and more

Pro Media Tools 1.1.1 released - major Video Check improvements, QT Edit bug fixes and more:
Last week we released Pro Media Tools 1.1.1, a minor update to our suite of tools for improving media management.
The most significant changes in this version were made to Video Check, our tool for checking a video file is broadcast-safe.
In response to user feedback, instead of just showing the maximum value that's out of range, the latest version now also shows the percentage of pixels within the entire image that are outside broadcast range. This allows you to see how large an error is.

We've also added support for detecting long frames. These are frames that play for an extended amount of time, which is usually an indication that frames were dropped when capturing from tape.
If your company has a policy that requires content to begin at a certain timecode, Video Check can now be used to flag up movies that don't match.
We've greatly extended the Video Check section of the user manual so it's worth looking at if you need more details on how to interpret the results of a scan.
In Pro Media Tools 1.1.1 we've also fixed a couple of issues with QT Edit and added the option to create timecode tracks from the date embedded in the metadata or the creation date of the file on disk. I've found that the two dates don't match on several of my test files, with some having the correct date in the metadata and some having the correct date in the Finder, so it seemed best to provide both options to choose from.
The full list of changes in Pro Media Tools 1.1.1 is available here.
Pro Media Tools is an essential toolset for video professionals that can save a significant amount of time in post production. To find out more, visit the Pro Media Tools site, browse the features list, watch the video overview or download the 15-day trial.
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