Thursday, September 8, 2011

Major Sony F65 Announcements

Major Sony F65 Announcements:

Yesterday Sony announced more details and pricing on their F65 camera. The F65 has an 8K CMOS image sensor and records true 4K resolution (4096×2160). The sensor has approximately 20,000 photosites (20 megapixels) total and can output 16-bit linear RAW. Two models of the camera will be made available, the F65 and the F65RS, where the RS stands for rotary shutter. A rotating shutter eliminates any ‘jello’ effect from the rolling shutter of the CMOS chip and also helps create smooth 24p motion. Sony also announced that the sensor will offer 14-stops of Dynamic Range and, from the footage at NAB, I could tell that it was a very clean (noise-free) image. Watch my video from NAB 2011 for a sneak-peak.


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