Saturday, February 13, 2010

Using Media Manager to Consolidate your Media in Final Cut Pro

Media Manager is a great tool in Final Cut Pro that allows you to manage content based on timecode information embedded within all of your clips. You can use this tool to consolidate media that contains only the necessary media to play back your sequence. To consolidate a sequence using the Media Manager:
  • Highlight your finished sequence within the Browser Window
  • Go to File > Media Manager
  • Set the Media drop-down menu to Copy media referenced by duplicate items
  • Click the Delete unused media from duplicated items option
  • Click the Duplicate selected items and place into new project option
  • Click the Browse button to set a new media location for the new files that will be created
  • Click OK to consolidate the media into a new project
mediaman.gif Just remember to be careful when using Media Manager since certain functions are irreversible. Also know that in order for Media Manager to work correctly, all of the clips must contain the original timecode information from their source. Clips that do not contain timecode information are not included as part of the managed process. Check out this article for more information on the Media Manager.
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