Saturday, February 13, 2010

Apple Color workflows

Arguably Apple Color is among the most frustrating pieces of
creative software around – frustrating because it is on one hand
amazingly powerful and on the other putridity inefficient and
dysfunctional. Simple tasks often seem far harder than they should be
and the round-trip between FCP and Color is not nearly as easy as it
sounds. It’s also a tool that makes all but the uber-nerdy feel more
like mathematicians than artists with an interface that just isnt
conducive to creative flow. If you want a colour-grading experience
that feels more like art than science RedGiant Colorista and
MagicBuletLooks are the tools to go for.

But, that said, with excellent secondary colour correction tools and
built-in motion tracking it presents two elements missing from
MagicBullet so it can be well worth the effort if you can wrangle its
quirks and issues into line.

Below is a set of good articles i've found that lay out different Color workflows and how to deal with some of its inconsistencies. Certainly we all look forward to the day when Apple finally convert Color from its clunky, linux-like interface into a real Apple-esque package with a consistent interface to the rest of the FCStudio.

Undertanding Apple Color Workflow

Color workflows with different types of sources

RED+FCP+COLOR: making it all work

And here’s also a 2-part video tutorial on the Color Workflow from FCP

FCP to Color part 1

FCP to color part 2
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