Tuesday, October 23, 2012

A Video Workflow for the RED

A Video Workflow for the RED:
When doing looks with r3d files, we light the scene ideally with the subjects in there, create a test clip, put it to the computer and then apply color work on it. You can judge the exposure from there, or use the built in camera tools, then apply your look, get it approved, and then start applying that to the rest of the clips and do match from there.  You can do your looks via Redcine X Pro, third party software like Scratch Lab, Da Vinci Resolve, Colorfront OSD/EXD, etc. Generally, you have access for metadata controls for the RAW to baseline your look, before you apply RGB alterations to it. This can produce cleaner, better results when working with r3d because you aren’t jumping into forcing the values.

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