Wednesday, September 19, 2012

UltraStudio 4K announced by Blackmagic at IBC 2012

UltraStudio 4K announced by Blackmagic at IBC 2012:
At IBC 2012, Blackmagic announced the US$1295 UltraStudio 4k audio/video i/o, which now represents the top end Thunderbolt device from the Australian company, which is now known not only for its interfaces, but also for its DaVinci Resolve software, cameras, and other products. Unlike prior UltraStudio Thunderbolt interfaces from Blackmagic, this is the first to have a 19-inch rack form factor. It is an obvious step up from its sister, the US$995 UltraStudio 3D, whose name sometimes confuses people, since it also handles 2D… and of course the UltraStudio 4K can also do 3D, and features an LCD monitor and hardware buttons for source selection. As you can imagine, the first question I asked Blackmagic was: Does the UltraStudio 4K offer digital RGB-over-HDMI? I asked on behalf of DreamColor owners, because the total price of the UltraStudio 4K is lower then the sum of the UltraStudio 3D plus the “Band-Aid” (the HDLink Pro 3D DisplayPort). Of course, I know that the HP DreamColor is not a 4K monitor (at least not the current one).

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