Thursday, February 9, 2012

A look at AVID media composer 6

A look at AVID media composer 6:
Earlier this week we had an in depth reassesment of FCP X by 7 different editors and it was fascinating reading. Today my good Canadian friend, Tej Bebra, has written an article for me about Avid Media Composer 6. Avid, like many, was my first professional NLE, although I learnt to edit tape to tape. I was a very proficient and fast Avid editor. I loved it. But it was expensive to buy and needed dedicated hardware (It has also been software based for some time now though). That is why I went down the Final Cut route, from 1 through to 7. Then I came unstuck when I found 7 was not using my mac fully, both is processor or memory and then it was dumped for X which I had issues with.

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