Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Post Haste 2.0.2 released - parameter locking and more

Post Haste 2.0.2 released - parameter locking and more:
Last week we released Post Haste 2.0.2 which adds several new features to our project organization tool.

Folder structure importing

You can now import the structure of an existing project folder. Just click the + button in the Template Editor, select Import Folder Structure and choose a folder to import. Post Haste will import the folder and all subfolders into the project but will not import any files. This is a very quick way of setting up a new template.

Parameter locking

Parameters can now be locked to prevent user modification. The parameter will appear grey in the list and cannot be edited in the Project pane. Use the Default Value field in preferences to set a value before locking.

The full list of changes is available here.
Post Haste is an essential tool to help creative professionals organize their projects. To find out more, download the software free of charge and check out the video overview and user manual.
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