Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Useful Tools for Editors: Project X27

Useful Tools for Editors: Project X27:
Project X27
In the ongoing saga of Final Cut Pro X comes one of the first third-party tools based on the newly released FCPX XML format. XML came to FCPX in the version 10.0.1 update just a month ago. Project X27 is a $50 translation tool that comes from Intelligent Assistance. The company is no stranger to XML and has produced many helpful workflow tools for Final Cut Pro 7 (as well as Premiere Pro). Project X27 moves Final Cut Pro X timelines into Final Cut Pro 7. You might ask why someone would want to move an edit to FCP7. The short answer is there are a lot of places you can move a full project, or parts of a project, once it is in FCP7. For example, you can import FCP7 XMLs into Adobe Premiere Pro … and that means an easy link to After Effects from there.

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