Sunday, October 23, 2011

Sony PVM-1741 17" OLED Monitor - Rejected!

Sony PVM-1741 17" OLED Monitor - Rejected!:
I'm so bummed out about these. I ordered a few of them and finally took possession of one as they've been been back ordered for months because of the tragedy in Japan. I heard they were going to strobe but in practice, the flickering is unbearable for a client or director's monitor. If you're familiar with the 9" Sony OLED or have seen 24p video on older Sony Trimaster CRT's then you've seen the pulsing that happens when 24p material is displayed in 48 field interlace. To be honest, I'm not entirely sure why these OLED's display 24p material like this and I don't really care enough to research it. All I know is it's very distracting. I tried the monitor out for a few hours in video village for a TV pilot I'm doing and several people from the network and production approached me and asked if there was something wrong with the camera or with my monitor. That's obviously not going to work. There are different menu settings for merging the fields to minimize this effect but I wasn't able to find one that I felt was satisfactory.

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