Saturday, October 22, 2011

Hollywood’s Digital Dilemma | Digital Cinema Report - News. Perspective. Analysis.

Hollywood’s Digital Dilemma | Digital Cinema Report
As the digital cinema era enters a new phase – a phase driven now as much by fear as excitement – Hollywood faces a number of challenges and none of the obvious solutions is particularly ideal. That challenge is even greater outside North America and although there are many complications – in many cases the challenge is country-by-country – this dilemma can be summed up rather simply: digital technology invariably creates a demand for more content, not less, and yet Hollywood continues to make fewer movies each year. These two realities cannot co-exist for too long or Hollywood motion pictures will no longer be a viable, growing business. Put another way, there has to be a finite number of lowest-common-denominator comic book movies that will translate well enough to generate solid revenues in every country.

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