Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Transitioning: BIG Premiere Pro Interlace “Gotcha!” on Export

Transitioning: BIG Premiere Pro Interlace “Gotcha!” on Export:
Well, I got burned by a very large “gotcha” when exporting a project for color grading in Apple Color.
The project was a 10 minute story for a broadcast series, all shot P2, 1080i / 29.97. I edited in an AJA 1080i / 29.97 timeline with all the native material. At the end of the edit, I exported a Self Contained ProRes Quicktime to be sliced up and sent into Color. The Export looked correct in Color, I did the color grade, rendered brought it back and it looked all wrong. Like it was 24p stutter or something. I got burned by an extra step in the export process I didn’t think I needed.

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