Friday, September 9, 2011

InfColorPicker - An open source iOS color picker

InfColorPicker - An open source iOS color picker:
One of the things I’ve done several times in my career as a developer is to write color pickers. I was one of the authors of the color pickers in an early Mac painting program Color It! years (and years) ago. Since then, I made a couple freeware color picker components for the Apple extensible color picker dialog that was present in Mac OS 7.x (until it was superseded in Mac OS X by the new color picker panel). After starting at Adobe, I wrote the color picker panel and dialog used in ImageReady (where I included a mechanism for doing web-safe color selection, which at the time was a useful feature). And when Phil Clevenger came to us with a design for a popup color picker for Lightroom version 2, I loved the design (there are a couple fun elements to it, especially if you play with modifier keys while it’s up) and implemented it one weekend.
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