Saturday, August 20, 2011

Simple Workflow for Removing 2:3 Pull Down

Simple Workflow for Removing 2:3 Pull Down:

This is an old topic of discussion, but it always seems to come up again and again. Some cameras, such as Sony’s FS100, will record in 1080 24p, but output only 1080 60i over HDMI. The FS100 does this to make its output compatible with monitors and other devices. The internal video recording is true 24p, but the output has gone through a 2:3 pull down process, whereby the 24p is converted into 60i. Because 24 frames do not evenly split into 60 interlaced fields, this process stretches 24p into 60i which does result in some obvious interlacing artifacts. Here is a quick illustration showing how four frames (from 24p) split into interlaced fields.

For anyone wishing to record the HDMI signal coming out of the FS100, this can be a major headache. Recorders such as the Ki Pro Mini or the HyperDeck Shuttle can easily record the video coming out, but unfortunately they cannot remove the 2:3 pull down to convert the video back into 24p. Here are a couple quick examples of how to remove the pull down and get good results.

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