Thursday, August 11, 2011

In case you missed it: 5DtoRGB v1.5

In case you missed it: 5DtoRGB v1.5:
I believe it was about a year ago when the developers at Rarevision came out with their way of prepping HDSLR media for post, 5DtoRGB. If you have been on a Mac workflow and transcoding to ProRes either via MPEGStreamClip, Magic Bullet Grinder, a variation of a Compressor droplet, or using the Canon E1 Log & Transfer plugin in Final Cut Pro 7, you know the woes of the wicked Quicktime gamma shift. Since most if not all HDSLRs that record video are recorded in a compressed format either H.264 or some form of AVCHD, at an 8bit color depth and also have a heavy amount of chroma subsampling; post production with these cameras can be an experience that is less than desirable. I wont go into the specifics about what this all means but if you want to read more into the alchemy of HD formats check out this blog post by Andy Shipsides of Abel Cine Tech about HD formats.
Okay. So we know that we are starting with a compressed codec in a limited color space and bit depth. This is where 5DtoRGB comes in to play. See below:

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