Monday, August 29, 2011

DNxHD with Embedded Multichannel Audio

DNxHD with Embedded Multichannel Audio:

I am onlining a show that has a new delivery requirement…not tape, but rather a Quicktime file with embedded audio. OK, this isn’t new…this is new to Avid. This is something I have been doing for a while in FCP land. Delivering ProRes or HQ files with 8 to 12 channels of embedded audio. This is something FCP 7 does rather easily…it was designed to do this. I have a tutorial on how to do that here. But this is something Avid Media Composer doesn’t do at all. Sure, you can export a Quicktime file, but only with stereo audio. Avid MC was designed for many things…outputting to tape, spitting out EDLs for online, cut lists for film…but not Quicktime with embedded audio.


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