Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Xsan Built Into Lion

Xsan Built Into Lion:
By: aaron
There it is, in the public announcement at WWDC: 'Xsan built in.' Sure, it was small type on a list of many features, but it was there.
I'll post more info if available (outside of NDA of course).
What do you think of that 97% price drop?
Update: From the updated What's new in Lion page:
Built into Lion
The Xsan file system is built into OS X Lion, allowing any Mac with appropriate connectivity to access an Xsan volume.
Case insensitivity option
For improved performance and simplicity, you can now create case-insensitive Xsan volumes. These volumes act like traditional HFS+ volumes and do not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase characters in filenames.
New preference pane
A new Xsan pane in System Preferences makes it easier to manage, mount, and unmount Xsan volumes.
Industry-standard multipathing
Lion supports the Asymmetric Logical Unit Access (ALUA) standard for multipathing and failover. This allows Xsan to be used with a variety of Fibre Channel RAID storage arrays.
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