Tuesday, June 7, 2011

P+S Technik PS-Cam X35 Extends HD Frame Rates to 450fps

P+S Technik PS-Cam X35 Extends HD Frame Rates to 450fps: "The P+S Technik PS-Cam X35 has been introduced at CineGear Expo 2011 as an all-purpose P+S-technik-cameras-pscamx35-2
digital camera to handle a variety of speeds suitable for commercials, documentary,
sport and television.
P+S-technik-cameras-pscamx35-2    P+S-technik-cameras-pscamx35-1
According to P+S Technik, as digital film technology develops, new frame rate speeds are opening new options for storytelling. At 300fps to 450fps human action can add a different look to sports, documentary, wildlife and feature films. The PS-Cam X35 can film frame rates from between 1 and 450 fps. The PS-Cam X35 is also expected to combine aspects of sync-sound cameras and higher speed rates into one all-purpose digital camera.

Dynamic Picture Quality Enhancement processing gives 11 T-stops at normal and high speed.
The internal memory is 18 GB and allows recording of more than 4min in normal speed. A memory upgrade to 36 GB is planned. The switchable HD-SDI interface in 1.5 G and 3 G outputs to most HD-SDI recorders. Genlock and time code are included. It has a PS-IMS lens mount and CMOS 35 Digital sensor measuring 21.1 x 11.9 mm at full HD with 1920 x 1080 resolution. It records HD in 4:2:2 10 Bit uncompressed, and is stereo compatible. A RAW option is planned with 12 bit uncompressed recording. Its weight is approximately 9.5kg.

Available accessories are a range of IMS lens mounts, standard batteries, a hand unit for remote control and the various HD-SDI recorders. A new electronic viewfinder is also planned. The PS-Cam X35 is expected to be released in the latter half of 2011. www.pstechnik.de
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