Friday, June 3, 2011

Maxx Digital ships new 10Gig Ethernet Final Share shared storage system

Maxx Digital ships new 10Gig Ethernet Final Share shared storage system:
(June 2, 2011) In early 2011, Maxx Digital completed their part in the building of the new facility for Biscardi Creative in Buford, GA. As part of this new facility, Maxx Digital installed their Maxx Digital Final Share system, which is a gigabit Ethernet shared storage system based on Small Tree hardware, link aggregating 6 gigabit Ethernet ports together to get the required bandwidth to play back HD video on Biscardi Creative's various MAC editing systems. 'Unfortunately, after the move,' said Maxx Digital President Ron Amborn, 'due to the addition of lots of new workstations, Biscardi’s system was never stable, and they suffered drop frame errors whenever they would play out shows from their Final Cut Pro editing system. While we had installed over 80 of these identical systems in numerous facilities around the United States, all based on Small Tree Ethernet hardware, we knew how serious this was, as Biscardi Creative was unable to work properly with this equipment. We realized that all of our clients were starting to demand higher performance, more rendering, more client FCP system, and all were totally intolerant of any failure of their shared storage system. No one wanted to hear any excuses anymore. We knew that there had to be a better solution, that still did not cost as much as an expensive Fibre Channel solution.

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