Saturday, June 4, 2011

Arriraw at a glance

Arriraw at a glance:
Arri is killing it these days. The Alexa has all but taken over commercial and episodic production. Why is that? Simple - Direct to Edit. ProRes 4444 is a fantastic compression scheme with ample color information for grading. Combine this with the extended dynamic range of Log C and you've got a winner. PL lenses, Super 35, a camera department friendly build, and beautifully rich video that doesn't need to rendered. Arri saw the writing on the wall and commercial production quickly agreed.
Is ProRes 4x4 (or simply ProRes RGB) the best option in terms of image quality? Certainly not but as it's been proven time again, it's good enough for broadcast. Because of this, more often than not, it's the flavor. Does it get boring? Oh yeah. But Arriraw is happening now and that's a little more interesting.

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