Sunday, May 22, 2011

3 grading panels compared

3 grading panels compared: "


When you want to grade professionally using a mouse is just no option, you want to keep your eyes on the grading monitor. Moving your eyes from the grading monitor to the GUI monitor and back just to see where to click next is both slowing you down and making your eyes more tired. When using a panel you can adjust two parameters at the same time, like mid's and high's color balance or shadow and highlight luminance to get the right contrast. Once you get used to where all the buttons are your grading gains both speed and quality.

The expensive grading systems often have dedicated panels, but the cheaper systems rely on third party panels. There are three main competitors, Tangent, JLCooper and Avid (former Euphonics). I have had a look and feel on 3 of their panels, Tangent Wave, Avid Artist Color and JLCooper Eclipse CX. The Tangent and Avid panel are in the same price range, the JLCooper is more expensive, but it also has a lot more direct access buttons, which makes the use of mouse less necessary and of course work quicker.

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